Word and Spirit based personal transformation; God glorifying worship, Biblical preaching,

Godward prayer, genuine community.

Grace Family Reformed Baptist Church is a church plant that will begin January 2017, with the vision to be

"A Kingdom Minded, Christ Exalting, Multi-Generational Community of Faith."   


We are members of the Alpine Association who are a leg of the Southern Baptist Convention, GFRBC practices an elder led/congregational form of Government. This means that there is no higher authority other than Christ giving oversight to this church, but it recognizes the elders distinct role in the church. 


In this local congregation, GFRBC has a plurality of elders that lead and provide spiritual oversight to its members. GFRBC is committed to functioning with a plurality of elders. The term elder is synonymous with the term pastor. However, pastor refers to the function (imperative), while elder refers to the office (indicative). While some churches have elders who function as administrators and pastors who function as ministers, every elder at GFRBC is a pastor, but not all elders will function as the normal preaching pastor. Our current elders are Sheldon Andreas and Geoff Heidebrecht.  


Theologically, GFRBC is a reformed church holding to the 5 Solas of the reformation: Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone,) Sola Fide (Faith alone,) Sola Gratia (Grace Alone,) Solus Christus (Christ Alone,) Soli Deo Gloria (to the Glory of God alone.)

Our primary confession of faith is the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.  


This church also operates with a Family Integrated model.

This means that our families worship together and we do not have any systematic age segregation. 


Pastor/Church Planter

Tel: 403-594-2206



Sheldon Andreas was raised in a Roman Catholic home and received a Roman Catholic education. When he was 22 years old he was delivered from this false system and God moved him toward the truth of the Gospel. 


By the time he was 25, he was converted, baptized and Reformed. Soon after his baptism, he understood his calling to become a teacher in the Church and began a program in biblical studies through a local Bible college. Even though this particular Bible college did not share his Reformed convictions, he graduated and kept moving forward to his calling.


During these formative years, Sheldon was married to Chantal and their family grew. While in Seminary he worked full-time to provide for his growing family. Sheldon and Chantal’s family was increased by 8 during this time.


Sheldon’s hobbies include fishing, hunting, and serving where ever he can. He love’s open-air preaching and having long Gospel conversations with young new believers. Sheldon’s favorite ministry is family worship, however. He loves to have his brothers and sisters in the Lord over on weekends to share in teachable moments and Christian fellowship.   


Sheldon is currently working on his MDiv. and Pastoring Grace Family Reformed Baptist Church in Medicine Hat, Alberta.  



Tel: 403-928-7699


Geoff Heidebrecht was raised in a non-Christian yet loving home and was introduced to the gospel when he was a teenager. Geoff denied the existence of God until his early twenties when through reading the Scriptures he was changed by the power of the Holy Spirit and brought to repentance of his sins. 


After being saved, Geoff married Nickey, his wife of almost 10 years. Geoff and his wife have been blessed with three children. He believes his family is his first ministry and loving his wife and children well is a priority for him.


During his twenties, he steadily reformed in his theology and understanding of God through the study of the scriptures. With a zeal to learn more about God's word and a hunger for pure doctrine, Geoff also desired to teach others what the Scriptures had to say. He did so through youth groups and Bible studies. Geoff loves to talk to others about the Lord and has a passion for evangelism. He has also been steadily growing throughout his Christian walk.


Many things bring Geoff great joy including spending time in gospel-centered fellowship, reading, snowboarding and dirt biking. He also enjoys playing most sports and mentoring impressionable young minds. Geoff is a youth worker with a local not-for-profit company that provides social services.


Geoff is continuing to grow in his knowledge and experience through his ministry at Grace Family Reformed Baptist Church, and is pursuing formal theological education.


Word and Spirit based personal transformation; God glorifying worship, Biblical preaching,

Godward prayer, and Genuine community.



 599 12 St NW

Medicine Hat, AB T1A 6R3



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